Plus 5 New Suzi B. Mysteries, +
"How to Write a Mystery Novel"

If you're the slightest bit interested in the law, how it works, or Sherlock-Holmes types of mysteries, then you'll enjoy these books. Author Gene Grossman might not be a match for Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but little Suzi B. is starting to come close to being one.

Attorney Peter Sharp was appointed the Legal Guardian of 13-year-old Suzi, and the two of them (plus Suzi's companion Bernie - a huge St. Bernard) live on a yacht in Marina del Rey California, from which Peter conducts his law practice.

Suzi's a bit for Peter to handle, because she's a brilliant computer genius, a brat with a great sense of logic, and an embarrassing habit of finding the real culprit in each of Peter's cases much faster than all the adults involved... after which she tries to finagle her way into the public eye and take all the credit.

All 20 of the Mystery books have the same main 4 characters: Attorney Peter Sharp (the books' under-performing lawyer); Myra - Peter's bitter ex-wife (a prosecuting attorney); Stuart - Peter's friend (the most entrepreneurial guy in town), Suzi B., and a strange group of people she uses to assist her crime-solving.

How To Write a Mystery Novel Single Jeopardy #1 by Reasons of Sanity #2 AClassAction Conspiracy of Innocence #4
A Good Alibi #11
Movie Magic

How to Write a Mystery
How To Write a Mystery Novel

The Peter Sharp Series
# 1: Single Jeopardy
# 2:...By Reason of Sanity
# 3: A Class Action
# 4: Conspiracy of Innocence
# 5: ...Until Proven Innocent
# 6: The Common Law
# 7: The Magician’s Legacy
# 8: The Reluctant Jurist
# 9: The Final Case
#10: An Element of Peril
#11: A Good Alibi
#12: Legally Dead
#13: How to Rob a Bank
#14: Murder Under Way
#15: The Sherlock Holmes Caper

The Suzi B Series
# 1: Suzi B - Sorry Wrong Number
# 2: Suzi B - Movie Magic
# 3: Suzi B - Two Perfect Crimes
# 4: Suzi B - Here's the Guy
# 5: Suzi B - The Magic Bullets

Laverne's Houseboat

Melvin's Houseboat





Peter & Suzi's 50' Grand Banks


Doc's 42' Californian

Peter's back yard Boat


Peter's Hummer

Suzi's E-cart

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